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1320video partners with Iovino and Iwuji

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Have you heard of 1320video? Chances are you probably have, or at the very least, you've seen some of the thousands of racing videos they have produced since 2003. 1320video has been a dominate force in providing some of most unique racing videos around the world that have been watched by millions, yes millions! They have more single videos than we can count that have over 43 million views per video. No, thats not a typo, 43 million views and counting. Their Facebook page alone has over 4 million followers and their YouTube page has over a million subscribers!

Starting in 2003, 1320Video started as a single automotive enthusiast (with a prior life in 12 volt stereo competitions) shooting photos and sharing them on niche message boards before YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook (and MySpace) were big. As 1320Video began to be known for it’s amateur street racing videos on these message boards, they teamed up with an infamous pickup tuner “Parish” to cover everything crazy going down with his insane 1000+ horsepower pickup, this propelled 1320Video into more and more visibility across the underground street car scene. Fast forward 14 years later 1320video covers large events with some of the highest caliber cars in their space including Fun Ford Weekends, The Red List Series Group, Truck Wars, World Ford Challenge, Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week, Pump Gas Drags, King of the Streets, TX2K, FL2K, Cash Days, Texas, Texas Invitational, Shift Sector Airstrip Attack, SEMA, Street Car Takeover, as well as being the organizer of one of the mid-wests largest car shows, the Ice Cream Cruise! 

 Both PMG NASCAR drivers Salvatore Iovino and Jesse Iwuji have been featured on 1320video in the past where their racing adventures originally began in the drag racing scene dating back to 2010 and 2012. Salvatore Iovino and his 1500 horsepower "Black Widow" 2010 Dodge Charger has been seen by millions thanks to 1320video and Jesse Iwuji's infamous 1000+ horsepower 2009 Dodge Challenger have all been under the spotlight of 1320video. So its safe to say, thanks to the racing world and the racing community the team at 1320video and both Iovino and Iwuji will now be introducing 1320video dominate force into the NASCAR K&N Pro series.

Until now, 1320video has focused on drag racing events, but will now be introduced to an additional audience that they haven't seen before within NASCAR. Ultimately, giving 1320video more exposure with a newer audience of NASCAR fans and of course, giving them the ability to cover a new aspect of racing videos. In addition, receiving more exposure and more of a reach from the already existing thousands of fans of both Iovino and Iwuji on social media and with their on the track presence.

Iovino, Iwuji and 1320video have signed a partnership agreement for the 2017 NASCAR K&N Pro Series that will enable both Iovino and Iwuji to be exposed through the millions of subscribers and followers of 1320video through the course of the season. Details of the partnership haven't been released, but what we do know is, you will see the dominate social media presence of 1320video in some shape or form through Iovino and Iwuji in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series.

 Jesse Iwuji "I'm looking forward to this now partnership with 1320Video. Last year with their social media power, they were a key component to the success of a drag racing event The Red List Group put on in December which is why I believe again this partnership will be beneficial for all parties.

Me and my teammate's path from drag racing to NASCAR is a story many followers and fans of 1320Video would love to hear and see."

 Salvatore Iovino "This is one of my most exciting partners for the 2017 season, not only because its 1320video, but because this will help enable all of our partners. Being able to partner up with someone that will benefit all my sponsors on a much larger scale is a great business decision for everyone involved. 1320video has proven to be the most reliable source of providing the most entertaining racing videos around the world and I know my teammate and I are thrilled to call them our partners.

Like Jesse mention, showing our drag racing roots being transitioned into NASCAR is a story that many fans of 1320video would love to hear and see. I believe he is absolutely correct."

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