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Competitive Race at Douglas County Speedway

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Sunday's race was at Douglas County Speedway was nothing short of contagious. We all want it.  We all crave it. We live in a society that's yearns for speed. Our internet; faster. Our food; quicker. Our response times; hasty. Our lives thrive on instant gratification. Let's face it, we are all addicted to speed. Going fast sparks adrenaline. Going fast makes your heart beat rapid. Going fast, is in our blood. Salvatore has always been an adrenaline junkie. He started climbing cell phone and broadcast towers in the upwards of 1,400’ hanging by a rope at the age of 18 years old. Then to start your own business takes risks and sparks a blaze inside you.  In 2013, Salvatore did just that. He stepped into unknown territory as an entrepreneur. With hard work and dedication he became successful in the tower industry, which he still maintains around his racing career.

Have you’ve seen his dragster called the Black Widow? Isn't she beautiful? He has reached world record achievements with his Black Widow Charger. I guess with 1,500 horsepower and going over 200 mph, just wasn’t enough and didn’t completely fulfill his adrenaline needs. Drag racing quieted the burning inside momentarily, but Salvatore needed more. NASCAR became that instant- I'm falling hard for you- kind of love.  

Sunday's race expanded on that love. Salvatore faced some challenges, but with the backing of his fans he raced competitively and could have finished in the top 10 with ease. This NASCAR K&N Pro Series race was put on by Toyota NAPA and was set to be an exciting 150 lap race. Salvatore was competing very well, fighting for the 11th and 12th spots midway through the race. Bumper to bumper, door to door, it was an exciting race. Into lap 95, Salvatore and #27 were window to window exiting turn two when the #27 car pushed down onto Salvatore forcing his car into a spin out. He quickly recovered, but it was a minor setback as he lost a couple laps during the caution. Salvatore was back on the track now competing for 13th and 14th spots when he had another run with car #84. The #84 car isn’t the first run in he has had with Salvatore Iovino. They met back at NASCAR K&N Pro race “Stateline” which is another story in itself.

Salvatore was front and #84 could not get around him, Salvatore really displaying his ability to drive and race. Salvatore would speed away and there was just nothing the #84 could do about it. On lap 124, Salvatore and the rest of the playing field were on a restart and just seen the green flag from an unrelated caution, the crowd was excited as all 22 cars were packed together passing the grand stands, fans on their feet, everyone is going into turn one and the #84 car hits Salvatore from behind forcing him into a spectacular spin out through the dirt. Salvatore shook it off as the crowd cheered. 25 laps to go, now Salvatore’s tires are running thin on life after having run in’s with the dirt, debris on his tires. While exiting turn two and turns four it was exciting to watch as Salvatore and his #39 car would fish tail at top speed as he passes the #06 car racing back into position.

Salvatore was confident, if he didn’t run out of time he would place a better finish, you’ll see him in the Top 10 again soon.  To date, Salvatore marks Douglas County Speedway as one of his favorites.

Fast approaching is our next fan favorite at Utah Motorsports Campus, formerly called Miller Motorsports Park. Salvatore and his team, Patriot Motorsports Group will be testing out his first ever road coarse race that totals over 2.2 miles per lap and will be reaching speeds in excess to 180 mph down a straight away into a sharp turn after turn, as this track will have over ten turns going left and right.  He states, "I am not intimated, I am excited! I can't wait for the challenge!" As we wait with dual excitement for the double header weekend in Utah with plenty of anticipation; there's one thing we've all come to expect from Salvatore. We will undoubtedly be met with an impressive example of speed, dedication and showmanship. 

This race will be televised on 9/2/2016 on NBC Sports at 7pm EST!

Author, Jessica Temperino

Photo, Ray Hull "Highline Image & Design"

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