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Iovino Emerges in a Three Way Deal

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Salvatore Iovino emerges in a three way deal!
December 20, 2016

Written By: Patriot Motorsports

In a time when men are too young to legally buy a beer are winning NASCAR K&N Championships, the sport’s team owners are older on average than the US Supreme Court Justices. But the NASCAR driver talent pool right now is incredibly vibrant and deep: Todd Gilliland, (16 years old) Winning 2016 season NASCAR K&N Pro West Championship. Ryan Parthridge, (28 years old) finishing 2nd in points on a close battle with Todd. Noah Gragson, (18 years old) finishing 3rd in points and recently just announced he has signed with Kyle Busch Racing and will be competing the Camping World Truck Series in the 2017 Season. Salvatore Iovino (32 years old) who ventured into the K&N Pro Series in 2016 racing half the season, finishing his Rookie Season 18th out of 57 drivers and taking home the K&N Pro Series Most Popular Driver. Jesse Iwuji (29 years old) finishing 10th in first full season. The future looks bright for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series where these drivers are ultimately racing towards.

But while youth is unquestionably being served in the driver ranks and popularity, the average age of the top NASCAR team owners are even older than the 67-year-old average of the US Supreme Court Justices: Roger Penske is 76 years old; Joe Gibbs, 72; Jack Roush, 71; Richard Childress, 67; and Rick Hendrick, 63.

It was once quoted: “Don’t expect to see an ownership youth movement anytime soon, either.”

But that is now changing.

Long time NASCAR mechanic and team owner Mike Holleran, (NASCAR heritage dates back to the early 90’s,) is partnering up with Salvatore Iovino Racing in what will become Holleran-Iovino Racing (HIR) which will be part of Patriot Motorsports Group. Salvatore Iovino will continue his racing career, but this will also make him one of the youngest NASCAR team owners to date. Iovino has been quoted saying “I’m either all the way in or I’m not and since my first NASCAR race, I am definitely all the way in, it’s my nature” This will give Iovino the ability to gain owner points while racing for contention at the same time. Surely, this will benefit his NASCAR racing career. Now being a team owner to list of his accomplishments.

Salvatore Iovino mentioned: “I want to give myself and anyone else I can the opportunity to succeed at their goals and dreams. I believe what Mike and I are doing will help just that. I’m living my dream right now with racing and I want to help others live their dreams too. With this combination of HIR under Patriot Motorsports Group, bringing Stafford Smith on board is the only logic thing that makes sense. He’s smart and has a bright future. Not to mention, his success has and is helping my own. Now with HIR and PMG, we can all together help others.”

The newly Holleran-Iovino Racing (HIR) has announced the signing of Stafford Smith (18 years old) a bright Engineering student at Boise State University who also races in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series. HIR believes, racing is a huge focus, but it needs to be part of our overall plan, which is combining, on the track experience, garage, higher education and business.

Stafford Smith meets the criteria. While his family moved to the United States when he was just 6 years old, he now resides in Boise, ID and when he’s not in school or racing he spends almost 7 days a week in the shop working on all aspects of the cars. Building, repairing, maintenance, and assisting at Hollerans Performance Engines. He is also putting the finishing touches on the design for the new “Kart Idaho” track being built in Eagle, Idaho. It’s a 3,250’ “karting country club” which will be used to help develop young drivers, host charity events, team building and other events. Kart Idaho will also play an important part on climbing the rungs of the ladder to NASCAR.

Stafford’s start in motorsports was in karting, where in just his third year won the IKF Grand National Championships for JR Karting. Stafford’s role at the races often goes well beyond his own cars. Several times last season he stepped out of the driver’s seat to help other driver’s with the Patriot Motorsports Group.

Stafford aims to make a career out of motorsports, but perhaps not the same way other drivers hope. Stafford Smith mentioned: “I’d love to race at the top level, but at the same time I enjoy every moment of racing in the K&N Pro series, it’s an awesome series. I’m likely here for at least another 4 seasons, working on the total program, so I don’t have the pressure that some of the other drivers do to either move up or move out. That way I can spend my time learning the total package, helping others achieve their goals while working on mine, and helping build the NASCAR K&N Pro Series as a whole. The reality is, by being involved in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series, we already get to do something incredibly special, and each race I take the time to soak the spectacle in and give thanks that I get to be part of it.”

To add to the top of Stafford Smith’s early success. He will be representing the team at the famous 2016 Idaho Potato Drop, Boise, Idaho that will have millions of viewers!

Mike Holleran stated: “This is exactly why I believe combining Iovino and Smith under Patriot Motorsport Group is only going to benefit HIR. We all believe in the same thing, we all have the same passion.”

Currently, the Patriot Motorsports Group, are staffing up for 2017 season and with the addition of Holleran-Iovino Racing we can only expect to see a lot of smiles and success story’s coming from this team whether it’s on the track or off the track.

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