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Iovino signs new contract with Infinite

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Patriot Motorsports Group reports Salvatore Iovino signs a new sponsorship deal with Infinite Wireless Services based out of Conyers, GA. Infinite Wireless has emerged as a Multi-Million Dollar company over the last several years as they provide a list of services to the telecom industry, but they are also an engineering and management firm that are currently working on outside projects throughout the United States. An insider of PMG reported Infinite Wireless Services will now become the Platinum sponsor for Iovino's next three NASCAR K&N Pro races. The sponsorship deal is worth $30,000, but this is just for starters. Both Iovino and Infinite hope to continue on for at least the rest of the season which have a remainder of six total races and three races remaining open for Platinum per the contract signing...that would double the deal if it were decided to be extended.

PMG and Iovino were in contact yesterday after the signing and when asked, "What are your thoughts on your new deal?" Iovino reported, "I am just completely thrilled with this new deal, I have so much respect for the guys over at Infinite Wireless its unbelievable. They have shown so much faith in me and truly just want to be part of making history together and I truly admire them for that. I have personally always put my faith into others and when that faith is returned if feels like a true blessing, I hope to make them proud and carry on with Infinite Wireless past the 2016 season. Regardless, you won't see their name going anywhere anytime soon"

It was also reported Iovino landed a new product sponsorship yesterday as well with a beard grooming company. PMG asked Iovino if he could give them some details on that new deal. Iovino replied, "I can't give too much details just yet, but I can say, what an awesome product, it's already something I have been using for sometime now for my beard, it really helps with the conditioning and smells awesome, not to mention it is good for your skin. You'll be seeing some promotion on it soon" PMG stated: "Is it just a coincidence that you and you new big sponsor have beards?" Iovino: "Laughs, nope! Beards are a growing trend, more and more people are starting to grow them, I'm just glad their is a product that treats them to have a healthy looking beard"


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