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NASCAR on Display at Twin Peaks Kennesaw

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On February 16th from 4pm to 6pm. Salvatore Iovino will be at Twin Peaks with his new 2017 NASCAR. Come check out the car and get some pictures, maybe even with you in the drivers seat. Fresh cold beer will be available, good service and great food. Click Here for directions to Twin Peaks Kennesaw
  • Thursday 2/16 at Twin Peaks Kennesaw
  • 4pm to 6pm
  • Fresh Cold Beer
  • Take Pictures of a NASCAR with you in the Drivers Seat
  • Receive 10% Discount for mentioning Salvatore Iovino's name
  • Great Food
  • Awesome Service
  • Come Grab Dinner and Have a Good Time
Want to elevate your sports-watching experience? Head to Twin Peaks in Kennesaw or Buckhead, GA for the Ultimate Sports Lodge, where you’ll find 360º of HD screens, local craft beers on tap and the best kitchen in sports.
Twin Peaks isn't just the Ultimate Sports Lodge, it also accommodates a friendly and outgoing environment. Did we mention the food is awesome?
Salvatore Iovino, has been a long time customer of Twin Peaks in Kennesaw, GA going back to the grand opening of the restaurant and Salvatore has just announced a new partnership with the Twin Peaks locations of Kennesaw and Buckhead.
(PMG) asked Salvatore Iovino (SI) "Why do you choose to visit Twin Peaks over other competitors like, Hooters or Tilted Kilt?
 SI, "The Kennesaw location is very convenient from my ITS business.
A quick drive for a lunch break. Beer at lunch is a little to early for me, but they have my favorite sandwich in an existence. Matter of fact, it was taken off the menu, but you can still order it. Its called the chicken poblano sandwich. Served like a hamburger but its comes with a sliced grilled chicken, poblano pepper, lettuce and chipotle mayo. They also recently added a new item called the Turkey Avocado sandwich, so for me its now a toss up between the two. Hooters doesn't offer the sporting environment like TP does and there is no way you can even compare the menu's. Of course, this is just my opinion. I'll admit Tilted Kilt does have a few menu items I like, but neither Hooters or Tilted Kilt provide the friendly, fun, family atmosphere like Twin Peaks does.
(PMG) How did you get TP involved in your race program and what does the future hold?"
(SI) Twin Peaks, is big into sports. They have more TV screens than I can count, even at their table booths. I thought, what a perfect opportunity to have an association with a friendly local sports restaurant and my racing program. At the time, I wasn't even sure that they knew all my races were already being televised at their locations. I brought this to the owners attention. I saw a business opportunity for myself and for Twin Peaks and I am just thankful it has all worked out. I have some great things lined up for the Kennesaw location. I will have one of my new 2017 NASCAR race cars on display in front of their restaurant for a fan appreciation night."
 (TP) Salvatore has been coming to our location for awhile and has help bring in traffic just as a customer before we even knew he raced in NASCAR. That held value with us. Once he approached me with a partnership offer, at first I was a little shocked. I had no clue he was a race car driver, he never mentioned anything. Come to find out during the 2016 season he was sending friends to our location to watch his races. We couldn't turn down his offer and we think it goes to show a great community bond between the Kennesaw and Buckhead locations with Salvatore. 
February 16th Salvatore's race car will be on display in front of the store. A great opportunity for the fans of Salvatore Iovino, customers of Twin Peaks and the Atlanta area to come check out a real NASCAR, get some pictures, autographs and enjoy some great food! Details on the event will be posted soon.
 Check out some of the features' of Twin Peaks
  • Man Cave, featuring couches, tables and TV's
  • Double Stacked Nachos AND Bacon Jam Sliders
  • 29 Degree ICE-Cold Beer
  • Billionaire Bacon Burger, featuring Sriracha pimento cheese
  • Full-service bar features an extensive selection of draft beers served at 29-degrees in ice-cold mugs
  • Chicken Wings with thirty different ordering variations
  • 360 Degrees of HD Screens
Salvatore Iovino's car that will be on display (Just finishing up the final touches)

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