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Legmaker Intakes, Prosthetics and Salvatore Iovino

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Legmaker Intakes, is the industry leading CAI manufacturer. But what is Legmaker Intakes? Ask yourself that question for one second...What is Legmaker? Why is it so unique? And why does it set the standard for CAI systems across the world? We'll get to that in just one second.

But first, it comes to no surprise that Salvatore Iovino is now in a partner alliance with the world leading CAI designer and manufacturer. Iovino is a huge performance enthusiast outside of NASCAR. But which race car driver isn't right?

Owner of Legmaker Intakes, Chris Harrigan is also a performance enthusiast, owning a few different platform performance cars. But the term or name Legmaker might raise the question. Legmaker? So let's try and understand why the LMI systems have been proven to be an industry leader for years.

It's important to understand Chris Harrigan's background which would lead to the creation of LMI. Harrigan received his Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Cal State Sacramento with an MBA from UOP. A quite impressive education. Chris Harrigan had 20+ year career in designing and making Prosthetic limbs. This enabled him to learn the, know-how to work with composite materials. Composite materials that are now providing car enthusiast around the world with added on horsepower for their own street cars and performance cars. We think by now, everyone knows about the Mopar Hellcat that makes over 700 horsepower from the manufacturer. But if that wasn't enough, now you can just slap on an LMI cold air intake system and expect to see an additional 30 plus horsepower. Legmaker Intakes is also the only after market CAI that has specific ECU tune in Diablosport for aftermarket intake systems. But if you don't have a Hellcat, no worries, LMI provides CAI for more than just Hellcats.

When Patriot Motorsport Group asked CH, "How did the evolution go from designing Prosthetic limbs into creating a CAI industry leading system?"

CH mention; "I have been wrenching on cars since my early days of driving. When I was 16 years old, I had a little VW Bug that I loved to work on. I developed a passion for cars. Started drag racing at an early age of 18. Racing has always been in my blood. With over 20 years of working with composite materials in the prosthetic industry, I took those skill sets, knowledge and applied them to manufacturing air intake systems for the Modern Mopar platform.

PMG, "Was creating LMI a hobby at first?"

CH, "LMI started out as making lighter air intakes systems that would resist heat soak for just a few of my racing friends. Then another guy wanted one, then another, and so on. What started out as a “hobby” in the garage at home has now quickly grown into this amazing company that sets the standard for all other air intake systems within the Modern Mopar world to be measured by and now LMI kits are on current and former record holding cars in the Modern Mopar community."

PMG, "Thats very impressive when you think about it and not to mention some of the most successful companies in the world started out in a garage, we'll just use Apple for an example. What are your expectations with your new partnership with Salvatore Iovino?

CH, "Salvatore is a stand up guy, that has proven to be a go getter at everything he sets out to accomplish. At LMI we live for the same principle. When this opportunity arrived, I knew this was a perfect fit for Legmaker Intakes. Myself, LMI and Salvatore are very involved in the racing community and bringing business to that aspect sounds like the right business decision to make, not to mention we all share the same passion in racing"

PMG asked Salvatore Iovino, "It appears you are bringing new partners to the table this year with your NASCAR career, What are your future plans with LMI?"

SI, "Outside of racing, business is a huge aspect of my life. Creating new opportunities and aligning myself with business like entrepreneur minded people benefits all of the parties involved. You don't have to look closely to notice that the racing community, NASCAR in general, is one of the biggest business ventures in the world that is generating billions of dollars a year. My plan is to help LMI venture into small aspect of that world as they see fit. Like with all my partners, introducing, exposing and aligning each individual partner up with the right demographics to help build their brand is my goal. Utilizing my business experience and business colleagues of mine really help with that. Chris nailed it when he said it was a perfect fit. What doesn't make sense? Is the real question and that I cannot answer. I am excited as ever to expand with LMI."

Legmaker Intakes have been providing state of the art, heat soak resist intakes since 2010. LMI has proven to be the best on the market in reducing heat absorption and increasing air flow to the intake manifold, therefore, increasing horsepower. Some of the fastest record holding LC/LX cars are utilizing LMI kits to increase performance.

Cold Air Intakes are available for purchase or you can visit 

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