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Rough weekend for Iovino at Evergreen Speedway

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Salvatore Iovino went into Evergreen Speed feeling very optimistic after practice sessions on Friday and Saturday. Iovino had the fastest lap times between his teammates and was set up to run a good race, but experienced problems early on that affect the ability to finish the race. During the final practice session before qualifying, Iovino was experiencing overheating issues and the motor spun a bearing, this left a very short window to replace the motor. NASCAR requires all cars to go through final inspections and then are impounded until qualifying. Iovino's crew had a very time consuming job ahead of them to replace the motor in such a short time window before the final inspection. PMG brought six cars to race with back up's available but Iovino's teammates experienced some problems of their own on Friday that required them to use the back up cars before Iovino experienced overheating problems. 

Salvatore Iovino's crew pulled off almost the unbelievable job task by getting the motor completely swapped out before the start of the race in a two hour window. During this time frame Iovino was unable to qualify. But what is more impressive is the quick replacement by the Iovino pit crew. Unfortunately, due to time restraints this left no time for any testing on the new motor.

After an autograph session and driver introductions Iovino jumped into his #38 car anxious to get the race under way. The race started off with all 22 cars packed together and the crowd was excited to see and hear all these car fly by them well over 130 mph on the straight away under the grand stands. Iovino was keeping pace, on lap 16 into the 150 lap race. Iovino's right front tire blew going into turn 1 pushing him up into the wall. After returning to the pits, Iovino's pit crew quickly replaced his front right tire and Iovino immediately got back on to the track and continued the race. During lap 22, Iovino's new motor started leaking oil causing him to return to the pits and was unable to finish the race. 

Iovino had this to say after the race. "Don't feel bad for me, this is racing and stuff happens. I am just very excited I had the opportunity to be here regardless of the outcome. Sometime's you are the bug and sometimes you are the windshield. I am just honored to have such a hard working pit crew that worked their butts off to get me back on the track, the cards just weren't in the deck for me this weekend. This just means we'll come back even stronger for our next race at Douglas County Speedway. I am forever thankful for my sponsors that have put me here and continue to allow me to pursue my dreams."

This race will be televised on NBC Sports at 8pm EST Thursday 8/25/2016. Tune to watch all the action. Salvatore Iovino and PMG are all geared up for this weekends race at Douglas County Speedway on 8/27/2016

Link to video highlights

Editor, Maria Bailey, Public Relations

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