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Salvatore Iovino Brings Healthcare Options to NASCAR

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LocateYourCare is a free app download that provides users to have the ability to locate and book health care related options. Think of it like Uber, if you need a ride, you use the Uber app to select a ride to your new destination. LYC, is the same method, just with health care.

"LocateYourCare is your on-demand healthcare app. We connect you directly to a healthcare provider when and where you need it, offering upfront pricing. You’ll know exactly what you are getting, and at what cost, before you have even left the house! The convenience and transparency of the LocateYourCare app is revolutionizing how people shop, manage, and consume healthcare."

LocateYourCare is in the beginning stages of a revolutionary service that will become  the new easy access to provide you options to benefit your own health. 

Salvatore Iovino met Co-Founder Keith Dickey at the launch of LYC in December of 2016. "This is a genius creation, this app personally makes my life easier. If I need to see a dentist or get a massage, by the click of a button I can book an appointment in the matter of minutes without having to schedule long drawn out appointments. I have a busy schedule and LYC enables me to get what I need within an hour"  mentioned Salvatore Iovino. 

Co Founder Keith Dickey is very passionate about how our healthcare system is currently limiting and taking advantage of our benefits and options. "I'd prefer to use the word "disappointed" about how our healthcare is managed in this country, but I am passionate to find a way to help change how our system works or at least, offer services to our customers at an easy leisure with the push of a button." mentioned Keith Dickey.

LocateYourCare and Salvatore Iovino have agreed to building a long lasting partnership. "Here at LYC we believe Salvatore Iovino can help promote our brand and our services in the positive, professional way we need to expand this new wonderful, revolutionary service. We are focused on building LYC with professional, elite providers to give our customers the happiness and well being they deserve. We are excited at such an early stage in our development that we have Salvatore Iovino's faith and dedication to get LYC off the ground and in the hands of thousands of users." mentioned Director of Marketing Allison Gonzalez.

Due to the recent launch of LocateYourCare, the services are limited to Atlanta, GA. But, we are sure to see Locate Your Care on a much larger geographical scale sooner than later. "Everything takes time and I want to help LYC build a solid foundation with quality providers on a large scale. Aside from racing, I am a business man. Selecting the right fit for partnership is important to me, that is how we all achieve success in our own ways. I couldn't be more happy and excited to extend myself with LYC, in what is looking to be a long term advantage and benefit for Salvatore Iovino Racing, LYC and thousands of customers, if not millions in the time to come." mentioned Salvatore Iovino

You can download the free locateyoucare app from the Apple store here.

Click here to visit LocateYourCare website for more information on how to receive benefits you have been missing out on.

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