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NASCAR on Display at Shakeaway

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On February 16th from 11am to 1pm. Salvatore Iovino will be at Shakeaway with his new 2017 NASCAR. Come check out the car and get some pictures, maybe even with you in the drivers seat. Fresh cold Shakeaway samples will be available, great family service and good food near by. Click Here for directions to Shakeaway

  • Don't Miss This
  • Thursday 2/16 at Shakeaway, Cumming, GA
  • 11am to 1pm
  • Stop by on your Lunch Break
  • Take Pictures of a NASCAR with you in the Drivers Seat
  • Receive 10% Discount for mentioning Salvatore Iovino's name
  • Great Shakes Available
  • Awesome Service
  • Free Samples
  • Come Grab Lunch and Have a Good Time
  • Panda Express, Chiplote, Fire House Subs in Walking Distance
In 2016, Salvatore Iovino announced a partnership with Shakeaway in Cumming, Georgia for the final three races of the K&N Pro Series. In such a limited time period of only three races left on the schedule, owners Daniel and Tanya White were pleased to announced that their Shakeaway had an increase in sales and were very excited to be part of Salvatore Iovino and NASCAR. "We couldn't be thrilled enough to be part Salvatore's program, he has helped us tremendously and his dedication to our brand has shown his loyalty to us and for our product"  mentioned Tanya White

Brand exposure is everything these days. A company's brand is a diamond to it's success. You may be able to say Shakeaway in Cumming, GA is rare or limited. It is one of only two locations in the United States with the second location in California.

In 1999 the first shop opened in the sunny seaside town of Bournemouth on the coast of England and has since expand throughout the world. So, its not surprising that Daniel and Tanya White are partnering up with Salvatore Iovino for the 2017 season. "For me this isn't about racing, this is about building a long term relationship with something I personally love. Do you remember when you were a kid you had that favorite little blanket or that favorite little toy you could never let out of your hands? Well that is how I value our partnership. Their milkshakes are my little blanket" mentioned Salvatore Iovino. So does this mean you now get free milkshakes from Shakeaway? "I won't ever refuse my favorite strawberry milkshake, instead I donate the cost of every milkshake to one of the many charity foundations that Shakeaway in Cumming, GA supports or is part of"

So what exactly is Shakeaway you ask? It is a milkshake company that offers more than 180 flavors and millions of possible combinations, each milkshake is made to order by hand, using real and fresh ingredients every time. The choices are endless such as Ferrero Rocher & Heath Bar, real fresh fruit such as Banana and Kiwi Fruit, luxury shakes such as Red Velvet Cake and Salted Caramel, Fizzy Soda shakes made with real Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper and more and their millionaire’s milkshake is made with real 23 Carat edible gold. 

When passing through, in town or just looking for a unique, limited or rare milkshake. Shake away is located right off 400 located in a shopping plaza.

Automatically get 10% of off any milkshake when you mention Salvatore Iovino Racing



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