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Shut Up and Line Up

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In the beginning of 2016, the well established drag racing series called Modern Street Hemi Shootout put its faith into Salvatore Iovino as he was breaking into a new adventure of racing with NASCAR. Early this week, the largest Modern Hemi drag racing series announced their return to sponsor Salvatore Iovino in NASCAR for the 2017 season.
The roots between Salvatore Iovino and MSHS goes back several years, as the series known for its slogan "Shut Up & Line Up" is one of the series where Iovino started racing back in 2012. Iovino has gone on to win three 1st place finishes, two 3rd place finishes, one Best Elapsed Time and one King of the Hill Victory with the series since 2014.
Dan Van Horn, the series creator and organizer commented that he was very excited to back Salvatore again for the 2017 season.
DVH-"The Hemi community is a large family sort of speak and Salvatore has help greatly bring awareness to MSHS with his Black Widow Charger and his Social Media. But, to me personally having the connection with Salvatore Iovino is more about helping. I love to help people reach their goals and that is something Salvatore and I have in common. The benefits of adding awareness to the series is just a bonus for us. We are just excited to be part of his NASCAR program and career. I am only disappointed that his NASCAR career has taken him away from racing the series a little bit due to his schedule and people miss the Black Widow, but we support him 100% and he does the same in return for MSHS even when he's doing circle's; said Dan Van Horn jokingly."
SI- When Dan mentioned he loved to support me again for the 2017 season, it really showed me that family aspect as he mentioned earlier. Knowing that I have helped him and the series, really helps me. The MSHS series is a great racing series to run. Its fun, rewarding and has great cash prizes awards for your wins...enough to make you fill out a tax liability form lol. But none the less, its some of the funnest racing you can do. The people are awesome and the cars are extremely fast.. Each year the series keeps getting bigger and bigger and they keep adding more tracks to the schedule yearly. I'm just happy I can be part of this series and family. Along with my Black Widow car, the series is home to other Hemi's that have gone on to set records and have hundreds of thousands of video views on social media. Big things in the future for its drivers, cars and series; said Salvatore Iovino."
Salvatore Iovino has helped aligned several performance racing sponsors to his program for the 2017 season. Some of which included 1320video, Legmaker Intakes and MSHS.
SI- "The goal is to get all of these sponsors working together. For this group they all have a common One provides the racing series, one provides the performance parts and the other one provides the videos. Its a win win for everyone; said Salvatore Iovino."

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