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The Hubble Foundation, what an honor to have their support, learn about them.

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The Hubble Foundation has been one of my biggest supporters, not only with their contributions but with their moral support. Not only do I cherish them for everything they represent, but I have the utmost respect for them for what they do. The Hubble Foundation helps those in need through the unexpected and life changing deaths of industry workers that fall from heights and give the ultimate sacrifice of life. The Hubble Foundation supports the families of those workers and helps them through the horrific challenge they face by losing a beloved loved one. The Hubble Foundation supports them in many ways, including scholarships. If possible, visit their website and make a contribution and help some families in need. I had the chance to answer a few questions from this awesome supporter.

You can visit their website to learn more about them.

                                               Let’s Go Racin’ Boys!

                                                 Dr. Bridgette Hester

I love it when I get emails and calls from climbers about hobbies they are involved in or other areas of interest that they have.  Very rarely however, do I get the chance to support one by way of marketing the foundation at the same time. 

Salvatore Iovino is such a climber.  Sal started in telecom in 2002, and has since opened his own business, Integrated Tower Services (ITS) out of Georgia.  He still climbs, still runs the company, but that is not what Sal called me about a month or so ago.

Sal and I know each other from social media, and I was fortunate enough to meet him and his crew when they were in Alabama on a job.  All of them are good folks, and have been supportive of Hubble Foundation.  I also knew through social media that Sal was a racecar driver.  Sal is a diversified driver too.  He races with his Dodge Charger, the Black Widow Racing, the NASCAR All-Whelen Series, NASCAR Late Model, NASCAR K&N, & the NHRA. 

Sal contacted the foundation about being a sponsor.  One, it supports the career of a climber in telecom, but it also allows Hubble Foundation national exposure, as some of the races are televised.  Not too shabby, I must say. 

I exchanged questions with Sal to get a better understanding of burgeoning racing career, and what he want to come of his “hobby” long term.  I thought you would enjoy the exchange.

HF: Why did you get into racing? Was it something from your childhood that you always wanted to do?

Sal: “Actually, I have had a huge passion for motorsports my entire life, as a kid I dreamed of owning and racing a Dodge Viper. But actually didn’t start racing until I bought my 2010 Dodge Charger SRT8.  Right from the dealer lot to the street, left doing a burnout I was so excited…Feeling the horsepower grab you and throw you into the back seat was incredibly awesome….It was from that moment I knew I wanted to go fast.  So blame Mopar, they are the reason for my racing addiction!

 HF: What is the most satisfying thing about being behind the wheel?  

Sal: I would say, an inner peace within myself.  On a serious note, I tend to get anxiety before races you know?  There is a lot going on, but, when I get behind the wheel everything goes away, I’m focused, determined and having fun.

 HF:  You have to have that. Now you started in the tower industry several years ago as a green hand, and eventually built up your own business.  Is ITS still something you plan on continuing as you continue to race?

Sal:  “I don’t see ITS going anywhere anytime soon hopefully.  As you know, I started in the telecom business in 2002 as “green hand.”  Does anyone even know what a green hand is outside of our business?  ITS is still rolling strong, it’s an everyday career, I just have to fit NASCAR into it for the time being.

 HF: I notice you give credit to your wife Melissa as one of your strongholds in life. How does having her by your side make this experience better? “Melissa whipped me into shape a long time ago or maybe I should say tamed me!  Before her, I was a single guy just traveling and working. Melissa showed me how to value a relationship, she definitely is my stronghold.  She’s has my back, someone I can count on and that makes the experience better. 

 HF:  How do you find sponsors?

Sal: “Honestly, I just be myself. I tend to use the word partner though. Because that’s how I see it. It’s a partnership, they are helping me and I am helping them. It’s a two way street so I try my hardest to make my partners as happy as possible. But, like I said. I just stay honest and be myself.

 HF: Are you working towards having a car that is completely sponsored by your telecom family?

Sal: “Honestly, at this level of racing, it’s very expensive, so if a tampon company wanted to partner up with me you’ll see a tampon logo on my car, I’ll still drive it, I don’t care, and at least I’ll be on the track racing.  On a serious note, I welcome anyone who would love to partner up with me.  Maybe we’ll see an increase in Telecom support…

 After this exchange, Sal did have an increase in telecom support….a big one.  Infinite Telecom, based out of Conyers Georgia.  Infinite Wireless is a Multi-Million Dollar company that provides a list of services to the telecom industry, but they are also an engineering and management firm that are currently working on outside projects throughout the United States. This is all very good for Sal and his team, as  Infinite Wireless Services will now become the Platinum sponsor for Iovino's next three NASCAR K&N Pro races. The sponsorship deal is worth $30,000!

 While the foundation can’t afford such a sponsorship, we are thrilled to see an industry player doing so well with one of things he loves most, and we are thrilled to sponsor in some small way!  Congratulations Sal!



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