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Black Widow

Historical Vim, Vigor and Venom Don’t fall for those rumors, as her name suggests, the female Black Widow doesn't always dispose of her mate after copulation. The mating rituals of the American Black Widow is actually kind of romantic. The male (wanting to assure that Black Widow knows that he is a Male not a Meal) does a courtship dance on her web to announce his intentions and identification as a worthy ally. This Black Widow was a factory, 4-door, 2010 Dodge Charger. Purchased stock for personal use, she was a real beauty and the epitome of why men are so instinctively attracted to her. She began weaving her web in 2013 and has transformed into a unique, venomous, record-breaking dragster. Black Widow has been featured repeatedly throughout the Internet, Social Media and Websites for her accomplishments and deadly attraction. Join in the fun; follow her ever-growing Social Media sites and pages (see as already thousands have... Black Widow is sponsored by the best of The Best! Her sting has attracted, Southern Hotrod, Procharger, ASP, 2F4U, ITS, various Photography companies, QREDENTIALS, Sentry Studios and UNiQiKO… With the help of these sponsors, she holds the National record as the Fastest 4-Door Charger to ever race the ½-mile circuit (that venom clocked her at a speed of 174.6 MPH; while her top speed of 202 MPH still holds her strong in the standing mile). Black Widow also holds the Global record as the Fastest 4-Door Charger for her leisurely stroll down the ¼-mile track biting into an 8.80 second run at 160 MPH.

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